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At Gordon we create with the ideas of freedom, long highways and the wind rushing by. Our trikes feature a unique gothic style and the newest technology.

Trikes put riders at ease with stability and a comfortable seating position. Staying light weight, performance is enhanced in corners and stays strong in a strait line.

Gordon Enterprise INC is a premire trike in Japan. Featuring in magazines, motor shows, it is hard to miss us at any major events.


What’s New

Auto Salon 2016
Gordon Enterprise Trike News
Gordon Enterprise Trike News
Gordon Enterprise Trike News
Gordon Enterprise Trike News


At Gordon we take run of the mill motorcycles and turn them into rad trikes. Adding style, comfort, and stability our works are unique and fun. The feeling of stability and coupled with the power of a motorcycle engine is one of a kind. There is a sense of both freedom and security that are rarely felt at the same time.
We want people to know the feeling of riding a trike. If you are an experienced ride or have never ridden a motorcycle, there is something exciting for you in our lineup. Starting from 250cc and up, our trikes feature various ride feel, power, and style.
Not in Japan? That’s okay. We ship worldwide. Trikes are available for export from Japan. We also offer trike and body kits to countries such as the US where importing is not always an option. Support is available in English through the purchase, shipment, and install.