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GORDON GL1800 トライクTypeⅣ 白 赤 車検付き!低走行!即納車両!!


  • Vehicle: GORDON GL1800 Trike Type IV
  • Trike registration: April 2017
  • Vehicle inspection: July 29, 2019
  • Model: EBL-SC68 modified
  • Mileage: 1,700km
  • Color: white/red
  • Riding capacity: 2 people
  • Total displacement: 1800cc




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[Product Details]
GORDON GL1800 Trike Type IV” is a must-see!

It is a certified certified vehicle that has cleared the GORDON standard
through parts replacement, reinforcement and maintenance after inspection and inspection of all parts such as the undercarriage . 1 year 1 million km warranty.

Powerful GORDON made GL1800 Trike is available now with a vehicle inspection!
Low traveling vehicle! !! It is a beautiful and stylish vehicle with all the details touched.

[Appearance, equipment, options, etc.]

  • All paint: white/red
  • Wheel with GORDON logo: (Rear WORK 19 inches)
  • GORDON Flagged antenna
  • GORDON Super LED fog light
  • GORDON LED fin
  • GORDON 4 out muffler
  • Audio: KICKER
  • Subwoofer: KICKER (in the trunk)
  • Seat backrest replacement
  • Many plated parts
  • ETC

It is a very beautiful vehicle up to the plated part.
It is still stored in a place with a roof.
It has 3 wheels, so it has excellent stability.
You can ride with a regular car license. *You cannot ride in AT only.

You can check the current car. We would appreciate it if you could contact us in advance.

[What is a trike?]
A trike known as a three-wheeled motorcycle is a vehicle that
has been converted from a motorcycle into a three-wheeled vehicle. I will.
It is also possible to seat two people on the highway. Since it is registered as a motorcycle with a side car, the maintenance cost is very reasonable.
Insurance and taxes are treated as motorcycles.

Tricks are not obligated to wear helmets under the Road Traffic Law, but GORDON recommends wearing helmets for safety.

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