A piece GORDON TRIKE history.

One of our long time customers has chosen to upgrade to one of our newer models,  and in doing so has traded in his GORDON GL1800 TYPE I trike built on the first generation SC47 platform.

This gave us the unique opportunity to line up one of our very first GL1800 trikes next to a TYPE IV, our most recent SC68 platform GL1800 Trike. 

There is something beautiful about seeing the two together. The stark contrast in design and styling that not only reflect the different eras but also the different personalities of the customers who ordered them.

there is also the unseen evolutionary, engineering, upgrades in suspension and drivetrain that we have developed over the years and continue to find new ways to improve on as we step away from the SC68 platform and begin development of the new TYPE L on the SC79 Platform.

This GORDON GL1800 TYPE I is a great reminder of where we came from and inspiration to keep going forward, improving and creating.

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