We Create Unknown Worlds...

In the old days, when DVDs, CDs and Magazines were at their apex, one could be just a video production company, photographic studio or Graphic design studio. Mastery of a single field meant dominance over that field.

Today, however, we can increasingly see that the former masters are falling behind as digital, online content favors companies that can adapt their work to include all aspects of all multimedia disciplines and creators that can do everything equally well as opposed to mastering only one single aspect.

The digital craftsman needs to be able to adapt, change, expand and collaborate with others like them to create modern media for the modern socially connected consumer.

Our core team is comprised of individuals who’s primary creative drive is to create in ways that haven’t been created across all physical and artistic disciplines. Our production capabilities scale to meet the needs of each individual project, ensuring that the right skills and equipment are in place to meet our clients’ needs.

As jacks of all trades but masters of none, We create unknown worlds…

GORDON MEDIA is the multimedia production division of GORDON ENTERPRISE INC.

Some of the organizations we've worked with: